Jenny + Chase

I had the pleasure of shooting an hour engagement with the lovely Jenn and her now husband Chase a couple months ago and realized.. I never posted the images!! I met Jenn about a year or so ago when I was working with one of her models for an e-comm shoot, and I was so excited when she asked me to do some engagement photos for her. We decided to do a quick two hour shoot in her home, which ended up being the cutest location ever! Trust me, these two are too adorable not to share. For engagement session rates, please feel e-mail me at



Tori Aston Los Angeles Engagement photographer engagement wedding
Tori Aston Los Angeles Engagement photographer engagement wedding
Tori Aston Los Angeles Engagement photographer engagement wedding
Tori Aston Los Angeles Engagement photographer engagement wedding
Tori Aston Los Angeles Engagement photographer engagement wedding
Tori Aston Los Angeles Engagement photographer engagement wedding
Tori Aston Los Angeles Engagement photographer engagement wedding
Tori Aston Los Angeles Engagement photographer engagement wedding
Tori Aston Los Angeles Engagement photographer engagement wedding
Tori Aston Los Angeles Engagement photographer engagement wedding

Levi's + GQ

Lately I have been in a bit of a "dry spell" when it comes to shooting freelance, so naturally I was thrilled when a friend of mine, Greg from DowntownDava, kindly asked me to shoot him for the GQ fall style field guide to which I quickly obliged. We met in this parking garage downtown which I was hesitant to shoot in at first, but once I arrived I was shocked by how amazing of a location it was. We loved them all (it helps that he is a NATURAL in front of the camera, seriously!) but here are some of the images that we picked for the guide. To see the guide in full, check out the link HERE

On A Whim

A while back I met blogger Kristina Wilde at an event hosted by a mutual friend. We instantly hit it off and decided that we just had to shoot together. I really wanted to play on her light hair + light skin, so I thought we should shoot some edgy, black and white looks in an urban environment. We met out in Santa Monica with no location scouting and no real expectations (we picked out the outfits in the parking lot)- but it somehow all came together beautifully! Here are the ones that really embodied exactly what I had envisioned.


Keep an eye out for our next shoot coming soon... (to hopefully a magazine near you...)



Making Waves

A couple weeks back, my friend Madeline Northway and I decided to take a trip down to Laguna Beach to visit out friends who recently moved out there. They live in the cutest little studio apartment style house right near the beach and cute shops and restaurants. We decided to do a quick beach shoot while we were out there because the beaches were so gorgeous (Not to mention so is our friend)! We shot really quickly because we were running late on getting home and the tide was super high (and apparently dangerous…), but here are a few that turned out. I would definitely love to shoot at this location again so if anyone wants to stand for me… let me know. ;)

Playing With Makeup

My roommate Conor Susi is a make-up artist and was practicing for a goth-style shoot he was to groom for in a few days. He wanted some pictures of the look he created as an option for the shoot and I delightfully obliged to taking them for him. We were having this amazing sunset that evening we decided to throw on a trench and one of my favorite hats and hike it to the roof to catch that beautiful light. The sun went down quickly so here are a few of the best shots we could got in the short amount of time. 

To check out Conor's work visit his website

Short and Sweet

Me and my best friend Dylan had a quick minute the other day and decided to do a mini shoot. We ended up throwing together two looks but I mostly shot just one of them. We had a few decent shots, but he was partial to these four. We had fun feeding off of each others ideas and creativity. Hopefully one day soon we will have a full shoot together with several looks and different locations. 

One Thousand Cranes

Recently I had the opportunity to be a set photographer for the first time for a short film titled "1000 Cranes". The film was a small budget short intended to be entered in a contest for a chance to film a web series founded by James Franco. When I first got to set, I was extremely overwhelmed but the cast and crew were sweet and understanding. I eventually got in to a groove of shooting and learned to stay hidden. It was a pleasure being on a set and I hope that I have another opportunity to do it again soon. I shot a bunch of photos but here is a quick look at the behind-the-scenes. 

MUA: Conor Susi

Talent: Taylor Ann Trad; Andrew Lutheran


Three looks, two photographers, one model. I'm back with another collaboration with my two artistic roommates. This time around, since Madeline and I had both been photographed, we decided to put Conor (the talented make up artist) behind the lens, or shall I say lenses. Since Mads and I are both photographers, we had the idea of both shooting with Conor in the same looks, under the same lighting, and in the same locations and then seeing how different the photos would turn out; Thus, "Duality" was born.  Check out the rest of the images on Madeline's beautiful website and see the difference in shooting/editing styles for yourself! Also, don't forget to check out Conor's work too. Enjoy.

MUA+Hair: Conor Susi

2nd Photographer: Madeline Northway

The Desperate Housewife

In last week's I got to collaborate with two of my talented and creative roommates Madeline, a professional photographer, and Conor, a skilled makeup artist with a focus on special FX. I did a shoot for her a week prior, so it was her turn to be behind the lens. We had the idea of dressing her in a Betty Draper meets 60's Florida housewife fashion. We went with three different looks to execute the idea. Below are links to their websites that feature their portfolios as well as the images from the shoot in which I was the model. I hope you enjoy!

Model: Madeline Northway 

MUA&H: Conor Susi 

I will most likely be adding more as they get edited, but so far these are some of the best from the 1000 photos I took.


The other day I had the pleasure of shooting with the cutest baby I have ever seen. She got scouted to model and be on television by the same management as the baby from The Hangover. When was asked by a friend if I could do her head shots I immediately obliged and was excited for my first shoot with a baby. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and didn't even cry once which I didn't expect considering we were shooting outside in the sun when it was 95 degrees, not to mention I almost lost it myself. Here are a few of the best shots that I managed to get.

This one was our favorite! Her expression was so adorable with that little dimple.


End of August shoot

Right before I moved out here to Los Angeles I had the pleasure of shooting Taylor, a producer that lived in my area in Houston. This shoot was inspired by Lana Del Rey. We went for a clean sophisticated look with simple make up and hair. She was wonderful to work with and a well mannered, sweet girl. I got so many shots but these are a few that really shined through. She used to go to school in LA, so I hope she comes up to visit one day so I can shoot with her again. I hope you enjoy! :)

This was one of my favorites.


First Entry

Welcome to my website! I am starting a new blog about my travels from Houston to Los Angeles and I will be documenting my 23 hour road trip along with the ups and downs of making a big move. This is a big transition in my life, and I want to share it, learn from it, and maybe inspire a few people to take a leap of faith and do the same. I am a photographer with big dreams of being successful and professional. I hope that with this blog, I can grow and inspire myself to take more photos of my every day life.